Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Servers

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Servers

Why It Is Necessary to Use SMTP Server For Business Purpose?

Email has become as one of the biggest source of transmission in all organization in this business world. It is mainly because mostly all business people use mail as a port to transfer all their confidential source data or use as medium of communication to contact their clients. Thus business people would send numerous mails to their clients but in real there are several chances for client to receive the same mail as scam mail. Some may think that it is a simple thing but when it comes to business sector it means lot in rare case it may result with several other failures too. So in order to tackle this people make use of SMTP server which plays a main role in transferring your mail to the recipients in proper way that too in fraction of seconds.

The term SMTP may be confusing but in simple words it is known as Simple Mail transfer Protocol server. This server mainly handle mail transferring that is whenever you send a mail to client or any recipients first the mail is sent to the SMTP server. Then server forwards the mail to the recipient’s SMTP server and then it forwards the mail to inbox.

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How email is get forwarded via SMTP server?

The main work of the SMTP server is to forward your mail to recipient and ensure whether it is delivered properly. It may sounds like SMTP server works is simple but it involves several hidden process inside which are completed in fraction of seconds. To make clear enough here are working of SMTP server is listed below in step by process.

  • You send a mail to client with mail address which is known as Message User Agent (MCU). This user send the message in the mail to the SMTP server on specified port number which may get differ based on mail and as per client too.
  • The SMTP server checks only required data in the mail such as sender ID. Recipient ID, sender domain name and recipient domain. It does not read the body content mentioned in the mail.
  • After checking all data if server founds all the data are correct then it takes the mail to domain. If the domain is same the server directly connect to the domain and send the mail to the recipient inbox.
  • If it is of different domain the SMTP server tries to connect them directly if it does the mail get transferred. If not the server would try to connect to another incoming server which is close to recipient domain known as relays and send the mail to that server which is further send to recipient.

On another case recipient domain is busy and no relay servers available then SMTP server stores the mail in queue and try to send them within specified time if not it would send back to the sender mail id with a non delivery message as an undelivered mail. This SMTP server only transfer mail to the recipient server after that there would be another function named as POP which picks the mail from server and delivered to the recipient mail.